Nailed It, Black Mirror, and Updates!

This weekend I watched all 6 episodes of the new Netflix show Nailed It, and it was pretty hilarious. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a baking competition show where people with no baking expertise try to recreate professional cakes. As someone who has had the Cake Wrecks book on my coffee table for years, this show was right up my alley. After a while it was a little weird to keep seeing these absolutely horrendous looking desserts (I felt like more of these contestants should have been able to up their presentation game), but gosh it had me laughing the whole time. I recommend it!

Also, I’m almost done with Black Mirror! I just have to finish season 4. I tried ranking all of the episodes I’ve seen so far, and even though I have some clear favorites and clear least favorites, it was hard! But I feel like people love to rank all the Black Mirror episodes so I’m going to finish that once I finish the show. Stay tuned for my rankings!

Blog Updates:

–I added a “What I Watch” page with a comprehensive list of all the shows I’ve seen! But I only listed a show if I’ve seen every episode, which means I’ll be updating it as I finish watching more shows. I’ll probably talk about my in-progress shows in various posts though!

–I’m hoping to post a “My 10 Favorite Episodes” list for a different show every week! Last week I wrote about Community. In the past I’ve also written about Friends and Gilmore Girls (though those lists both have about 30 episodes). I’ll be posting a new one soon!

I’m off to go watch some great TV! Thanks for reading!


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