Buffy Update

So much has happened! I’m now at the beginning of season 5. I’ve also been watching Angel simultaneously, so I’m at the beginning of Angel season 2.

Can I just say that scenes between Angel and Buffy are some of the most compelling TV scenes to me? That’s why I was kind of devastated when Angel left Sunnydale at the end of season 3. (I knew there was a spin-off show called Angel but I assumed it started after Buffy ended). But oh well! I’ve been enjoying Angel. Not as much as Buffy, but it’s still a good show and it’s an extension of Buffy so I have to watch it.

Some thoughts:

Spike is great as a harmless vampire. And when he and Buffy were under Willow’s spell and they planned a wedding together.. lololol.

I’m sad that Cordelia is only in Angel now. I’m glad her character still exists in the Buffy/Angel world overall but I liked her in Sunnydale. Also, who would’ve thought she’d become coworkers and buddies with Angel? Certainly not her.

And Dawn?? Okay, I’m liking her character, but am I supposed to believe that she’s been living with Buffy and her mom this whole time?! And was never mentioned or around for any of the important moments of the first four years of the show? It’s just funny to me how they inserted her character in the show as though she’d been there all along. But honestly, I’m cool with it. [Edit: I just watched Season 5 Episode 5 and now this makes sooooooo much more sense. That was a long time to keep the audience confused, but now I’m totally on board for Dawn’s character.]

Back to season 3 – When Buffy got the class protector award? So sweet.

Also, I can’t watch Jonathan without thinking of Doyle from Gilmore Girls. So many actors from other shows I love have been on Buffy and Angel. A super random connection: “Not Moby” from How I Met Your Mother was on an episode of Angel. Haha. And these guest stars that I’ve seen on other shows are everywhere throughout Buffy and Angel.

I’ve watched so much already but I still have 3 seasons of Buffy and 4 seasons of Angel to go, so I know how I’ll be spending all of my free time!


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