A Sweet Ending for Season 11 of America’s Got Talent

The 11th season of America’s Got Talent ended on Wednesday night with the reveal of the winner, Grace VanderWaal!


This season was marvelous. The auditions were entertaining as always, the golden buzzers were exciting and great picks, judge cuts had fun guest judges, and the semi-finals this year were probably the best ever.

America’s Got Talent is a great summer show because there isn’t that much else on, everything is live once the quarter-finals start, and everyone watching can vote to see their favorites advance in the competition.

Only one act can win in the end, but every act that makes it far gets exposure and a fanbase. The winner does get $1 million and headlines a 3 night show in Vegas, but beyond that every act that makes it to the finals has opened up a whole new door for themselves. Millions of people have watched them and voted for them, so most of them should have great opportunities after the show.

A highlight of the finale for me was watching Stevie Nicks take the stage and perform “Landslide.” That’s one of my all-time favorite songs so it was a magical experience to see on live TV.

My other favorite moment was Grace’s reaction to her win. She seemed so nervous and then surprised that her name was called. Watch the moment here. I only wish that the show had more time to talk to her afterwards! (Fun fact: Grace is only the second female to win America’s Got Talent, the first being Season 1 winner Bianca Ryan, a then-11-year-old singer.)

I am so excited for Grace’s future in music because I really adore her and her songs. Can’t wait for her first album! (Also, Grace is going to be on The Ellen Show next week! I will definitely be tuning in.)

There were so many acts this season, including some great singers and magicians, that I was really rooting for. Hopefully we’ll be seeing and hearing from them in years to come.

If you want to hear more of Grace’s music, check out her YouTube channel here.

And if you want to see how America’s Got Talent really does make people’s dreams come true, watch Grace’s first audition and listen to what she says when Simon asks her if she thinks she can win. Seeing her actually go on to win after that…wow.


What a picture. What a moment.


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