My Favorite Episodes of Gilmore Girls

The Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls is only two and a half months away, so now is the perfect time to start rewatching some episodes to refresh your memory and get excited!

I enjoy every episode, but as with all my favorite shows, there are certain episodes I watch more than others. I’ve put together a list of Gilmore Girls episodes I turn to for comfort, laughs, and entertaining Friday night dinners.

The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton (S1 E2)
It’s laundry day, so Lorelai wears an inappropriate outfit to Rory’s first day of private school. Rory runs into Paris, who becomes a quick rival.

The Deer Hunters (S1 E4)
Rory spends all night studying for a big test, and then wakes up late in the morning. As she rushes to school, her car gets hit by a deer.

Kiss and Tell (S1 E7)
“I got kissed…and I shoplifted!”

Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy (S2 E5)
Luke’s nephew Jess comes to stay with him. Jess is quite the troublemaker, but he and Rory get along well.

A-Tisket, A-Tasket (S2 E13)
The Stars Hollow basket auction results in more friction between Dean and Jess, and some sweet moments between pairs like Sookie and Jackson.

There’s the Rub (S2 E16)
Emily and Lorelai spend a weekend together at a spa. Rory plans to have a quiet night to herself, but Paris and Jess barge in, much to Dean’s dismay.

Lorelai’s Graduation Day (S2 E21)
Rory invites Richard and Emily to Lorelai’s graduation from business school without Lorelai’s permission. They show up with a professional cameraman, and Rory doesn’t show up at all. Where’d she go? To New York, to visit Jess.

Application Anxiety (S3 E3)
Rory realizes that her answers on her college applications might not be as unique as she thought.

They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? (S3 E7)
This is the dance marathon episode of Gilmore Girls, so possibly the best one ever.

A Tale of Poes and Fire (S3 E17)
The Independence Inn catches fire, and Lorelai relies on the whole town to help. Add in the Poe Society, a new business venture by Kirk, and Lorelai staying at Luke’s place, and this is a wonderful episode.

The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale (S4 E2)
Rory is nervous to move to Yale, but Lorelai helps her get acclimated. Luke is forced to haul Rory’s mattress back and forth from the dorm, and Paris shows up as one of Rory’s new roommates.

The Fundamental Things Apply (S4 E5)
Rory goes on an awkward date and Luke and Lorelai have a movie night.

Last Week Fights, This Week Tights (S4 E21)
Liz and TJ’s wedding gives us the return of Jess, a renaissance theme, and a sweet dance between Luke and Lorelai.

Raincoats & Recipes (S4 E22)
The test run of the inn brings familiar faces from Stars Hollow together. Luke and Jason both fight for Lorelai.

Written in the Stars (S5 E3)
Rory meets Logan, Luke and Lorelai go on their first date.

You Jump, I Jump, Jack (S5 E7)
Logan’s secret society allows Rory to participate in their festivities as a reporter, and she gets a firsthand experience of their big event.

But Not as Cute as Pushkin (S5 E10)
Rory hosts a Chilton student at Yale, and it doesn’t go as she planned.

So…Good Talk (S5 E16)
I love this episode because of the beautiful ending.

Fight Face (S6 E2)
Rory does community service and ends up in a fight? It’s weird.

Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting (S6 E13)
The Gilmores all gather around the dining room table to fight out their issues. It’s an amusing scene that shifts from argument to argument.

The Long Morrow (S7 E1)
Honestly, I like this episode because Lorelai and Rory play racquetball together.

Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore? (S7 E16)
Lane has a disagreement with her mother and Lorelai steps in to save the day.

Hay Bale Maze (S7 E18)
A hay bale maze fills the town of Stars Hollow, and it turns out to be more fun than anyone anticipated.

It’s Just Like Riding a Bike (S7 E19)
Lorelai’s beloved car isn’t working, so she has to ride her bike around town.

I hope you’re inspired to go back to your favorite episodes! Start watching some of these great episodes now and then start your countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.


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