Breaking Down the 10 AGT Finalists!

If you haven’t been watching America’s Got Talent this summer, you’ve been missing out on some amazing acts. But it’s not too late! The finale of AGT is next week and after reading up on all the finalists, you’ll be ready to watch these fiercely competitive acts take the stage.

Sofie Dossi
An amazing teenage contortionist. Her elegance and showmanship make her act spectacular to watch.

Watch and be amazed.

Brian Justin Crum
There’s a clarity to his voice that I just really like. His powerful performances and emotion have made him one of the season’s top singers.

His captivating judge cuts performance.

Laura Bretan
A teenage opera singer with a powerful voice. There are so many young, talented people on this show.

Watch her in the semi finals.

Jon Dorenbos
A pro football player AND magician who has been impressing the audience all season. His semi final performance was an unbelievable feat of magic that tied together his two passions.

Watch the performance that got him to the finals.

Tape Face

Tape Face is quite a character, and I think that’s what got him to the finals. He never speaks but manages to make people laugh. The judges keep saying that he “makes something out of nothing.”

See the first bit of Tape Face silliness.

Linkin Bridge
Their semi formal performance was so powerful and earned them their spot in the finals. They have a great story and humility about them, and I’m excited to see what they do next.

Watch them sing “7 Things” in the semi finals.

Sal Valentinetti
I keep saying that he and his cousin should have their own TV show. Sal has been charming and determined since his first audition, and his cousin has always been entertaining on the sidelines.

Watch Sal burst on to the AGT stage in his first audition.

Viktor Kee
A man who combines juggling with beauty and grace. It’s like watching a dancer and a juggler and an artist all at once.

See the beauty for yourself.

The Clairvoyants
They continue to do astounding magic and mentalism every time they perform, and have practically been locks for the finale since their first audition. Everything they do is at another level.

The talent they bring to the table is phenomenal.

Grace VanderWaal
Grace is a shining star. She’s a twelve year old singer and ukulele player who writes her own songs. Her spirit, talent, and unique charm sets her apart from many of the other acts.

I can’t pick just one of her performances, so just watch them all: 1st audition, quarter finals, semi finals.


Now that you’ve been introduced to the 10 finalists, watch America’s Got Talent on Tuesday live at 8 on NBC. It’s an epic talent show that is going to be so much fun to watch!


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