Streaming Services I Use

Though I have fond memories of getting out box DVD sets to watch TV when I was growing up, streaming sites are everything. I currently have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and CBS All Access. Netflix: I don't use Netflix very often right now, which is mostly because I've shifted to Hulu for the kinds of shows … Continue reading Streaming Services I Use


The Best Way to Watch Buffy and Angel

If you're watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time, you may or may not know that the show has a spinoff called Angel. The first season of Angel aired at the same time as the fourth season of Buffy, and lasted for five seasons, wrapping up one year after Buffy ended. You might … Continue reading The Best Way to Watch Buffy and Angel

The Amazing Race – Season 30 Episode 3 Recap

This week the 9 remaining teams flew from Belgium to Morocco. We're reminded that Kristi and Jen are the only all-female team left after Team Goat Yoga was eliminated last week. They're aiming to be the 4th all-female team to win the race. Sadly, Phil has not reappeared in the theme show since his surprise … Continue reading The Amazing Race – Season 30 Episode 3 Recap

What Have I Been Watching Lately??

This summer has been somewhat terrible but I've remedied that slightly with wonderful TV shows: Copious amounts of Big Brother... watching seasons past and they are addicting. I can't get enough! Positively flying through these classic old seasons, I've hardly lamented the Survivor off-season. Also I finally caught up to 2005 and started watching Grey's … Continue reading What Have I Been Watching Lately??